Heiva San Diego ‘14, 3rd Place.

You think I don’t know, but I KNOW.

I don’t get why you feel the need to talk about me? I didn’t do nothing but literally good things for you. If I find out something else ONE MORE FUCKING TIME, I will make sure you will REGRET saying what you have been saying. You think I don’t know, but I REALLY KNOW. I’m serious.. the words you choose really hurts me. I’ll keep this short and simple and just say, WATCH WHAT YOU SAY. That’s your FINAL warning!

I guess I’m back on tumblr.


When people constantly asks what’s wrong. Like if I don’t want to fucking answer you, then there is obviously something wrong. JUST STFU!

All I Got To Say.

Stop fucking revolving the world around one person and fuckin’ realize that there are more people there for you. Stop pushing people away with your stank ass attitude. GROW THE FUCK UP AND REALIZE THE WORLD AIN’T ALWAYS ABOUT YOU DAMMIT!

Sometimes, I don’t know how I feel.

Lately, i’ve been down in the dumps. Around people, I have to fake a smile and pretend i’m fully okay. Most of the time, I think about a lot of things and it just gets the best of me. Nobody fucking understands how I feel right now and most of the time, nobody bothers to wonder how i’m doing. I’m fed up about being there for others and they can’t do that for me. As simple as it is, no one can ever do that for me. I have to get my priorities straight and stay focused. As upset and angry I am, I have to do whatever it takes to find my happiness all over again.

The Pulse Movement will forever live on, hands down.